We, at FintechX, believe in making finances simple for people, with seamless experiences built on open ecosystems, by harnessing the full power of Open Banking and Open Finance.

Therefore we are helping our clients, from banks aiming to go on the digital offensive, to new Open Banking entrants with existing user bases such as telcos, retailers, insurance and utility companies, to offer best-in-class fintech experiences 10 times faster, to any user, regardless where they have their bank accounts.

As our FintechX Team is growing, we are looking for our future team members in Szeged or Budapest. We work in a hybrid work model, so home office is an option.

Devops Engineer


  • Plan, develop and maintain CI/CD pipelines
  • Integrate and manage development, automated testing, logging, monitoring and other infrastructure tools and environments
  • Research new DevOps tools, create proof-of-concepts
  • Advise the architect team on selecting the best tools for the company toolkit, considering overall usefulness and maintainability as well
  • Participate in designing microservice architectures, especially advising the team on high availability, ease of operations, performance and other non-functional requirements
  • Work in a team with architects, developers, QA and business analysts 
  • Cooperate with the Ops team of the customer, to design the best infrastructure configurations and support their sysadmins on-premise or in the cloud

 What we offer

  • Professional team, vibrant professional life
  • People-oriented attitude, permanent mentoring
  • Startup mentality – corporate culture, flat organizational hierarchy
  • Use of agile project management software (Jira, Slack)
  • Learn about modern technologies such as microservice architecture, containerization
  • Constant development of technological knowledge
  • Flexibility
  • Competitive salary

    Required skills

    • Linux system administration knowledge
    • Familiarity with cloud and container technologies (Docker Compose and Kubernetes or OpenShift), infrastructure-as-code solutions
    • Experience in script writing for Unix-based systems (Unix Bash)
    • Familiarity with build, test and server management automation tools (Jenkins or other CI/CD)
    • Knowledge of agile methodologies
    • Able to read and use English-language DevOps documentation 

    Nice to have

    • Experience with cloud service providers (MS Azure, GCP, AWS)
    • Experience in operating live production systems in a high-availability environment
    • Networking knowledge (load balancers, reverse proxies, firewalls)
    • Experience with Ansible


    • Minimum 2 years of relevant experience in a related field


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