We, at FintechX, believe in making finances simple for people, with seamless experiences built on open ecosystems, by harnessing the full power of Open Banking and Open Finance.

Therefore we are helping our clients, from banks aiming to go on the digital offensive, to new Open Banking entrants with existing user bases such as telcos, retailers, insurance and utility companies, to offer best-in-class fintech experiences 10 times faster, to any user, regardless where they have their bank accounts.

As our FintechX Team is growing, we are looking for our future team members in Szeged or Budapest. We work in a hybrid work model, so home office is an option.

FintechX Certified Developer training

Is this for me?

This training is for you

  • If you have no work experience or only some internships, but you are ready to start this exciting career.
  • If you have a strong desire to learn new tools, technologies and achieve a high standard of code quality.
  • If you want to spend your mandated internship hours (we have internship agreement with University of Szeged) and even get a starter position in a company with a serious mentorship culture.
  • If you have basic Javascript, HTML, CSS knowledge.

What is this training exactly?

  • We believe that there is a huge difference between learning to make some APIs based on a tutorial on Medium, Youtube or by reading Stackoverflow, and building a full-blown, production backend API product, that we could deploy even at a bank.
  • We are experts in making high quality production APIs with financial-grade security, operability and scalability, and this is what you will learn to build.
  • In the span of 2-3 months you will go from a basic Javascript knowledge to be able to build a full backend API product deployable and configurable with Docker Compose configs and environments, liveness and readyness probes, load balancing, and API security features such as Routing, Key Auth, Rate Limiting, IP restrictions, using an API Gateway, all in an integrated microservice architecture.
  • We also believe that programmers learn fastest from coding and code reviews, therefore we have built this training on gradually more complex tasks that you code at home, and review regularly in code reviews and mentoring sessions with our senior developers.
  • If you finish the training succesfully, we offer you to join our team according to pre-agreed commercial terms.


  • The training takes about 250-300 hours to finish. It includes:
    • 10-20% digital training materials, videos,
    • 70-80% practical, gradually more complex programming tasks to reach the production-grade API product level,
    • 10% of code review and mentoring with our senior developers.
  • There is a time limit of 3 months to complete the training. In a 3 month time, you will require around 20 hours a week to finish. If you have more time weekly, we can schedule the code reviews and mentoring sessions to allow for a quicker finish.
  • If you finish the training succesfully, we will offer you to join our team according to pre-agreed commercial terms, and upon completion of the required hours will sign your internship certificates for the university as well.

Technologies you will learn to integrate together:

  • HTML, Javascript (EcmaScript 6)
  • Node.js, Express.js, Mocha
  • Open API, Swagger
  • MongoDB
  • Docker
  • Docker Compose
  • Kong API Gateway

    How to apply

    • Send your CV to jobs@fintechx.digital.
    • We’ll have a short call (around 30 min).
    • You will receive an entry-level programming exercise to gauge if you have a basic knowledge on HTML, CSS, Javascript and if you can research new technologies using online available resources.
    • You will have a demo and code review with one of our senior developers.
    • You can start the training if the demo and code review was successful.

    How much does this training cost?

    • You do not have to pay for this training, but join only if you are seriously committed to finishing in 3 months, have the approximately 20 hours of time a week, and want to join the FintechX team as well afterwards.


    Basic HTML/CSS/JS knowledge


    14 + 2 =